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How it began...

Goats 4 Goodness was established with the overarching goal to "Do Good Things" for people, animals and the environment.


Goats 4 Goodness Founder and President, Sandra Coffman, began working with goats in 2016 when her life took an unexpected turn and she fell into some rough times.  Prior to beginning her work with goats, Coffman had a successful career as a Deputy Chief of Police of U.S. Capitol Police, Deputy CEO of the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center and Emergency Response Team Leader for FEMA.  In 2015, after serving the Federal Government for 23 years, Coffman's employment was unexpectedly and abruptly terminated.

After admitting she had a problem with alcohol addiction and dependency, Coffman admitted herself in an intensive in-patient treatment facility which she credits with saving her "life".  Approximately six months into her recovery, Coffman was introduced to goats at a farm in South Carolina.  She fell in love with their playful nature, intelligence and curiosity immediately, but, it is the social interactions and deep bonds she experienced with goats that she credits with saving her "soul".

Goats 4 Goodness was borne of the countless "good things" goats have brought into Coffman's life.  Coffman and Goats 4 Goodness Vice President, Jessica Bell, endeavor to find innovative and creative ways to continue to "Do Good Things" for others.


Locations where we "Do Good Things":

Anderson, SC

Churchville, MD

Athens, GA


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