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Public Education

Educating the public is an on-going initiative.  Goats are not mean, head butting, tin can eating animals often depicted in stories and folklore.  They are quite the opposite.  Loving, intelligent and curious animals with social dynamics that allow easy integration of other species within their environment.  Because of these innate characteristics, goats are able to serve in a wide variety of roles to "Do Good Things" for people, animals, and our environment.


Goat Therapy

In November 2017, five wethers (castrated male goats) were donated to an Addiction Treatment Facility in Maryland.  These goats, the Fabulous Five, serve to provide daily purpose to patients in long term treatment.  Providing care and interacting with these goats gives recovering addicts an opportunity to "get outside of themselves" and experience emotions, bonds, and love n a safe environment without the fear of judgement.  The Fabulous Five work hard every day to give unconditional love, laughs and bring a much needed smile to those in need of a little hope.



On a limited, case-by-case basis, animals are provided sanctuary at our location.  In most cases, these animals integrate themselves into the daily routines of a working farm and live their lives in a safe environment doing the "jobs" they enjoy to support farm operations.  We currently provide sanctuary for numerous pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats as well as a horse and donkey.  



In May 2017, a herd of 12 wethers (castrated male goats) went to work with a grazing company in Georgia.  Goat grazing is an eco-friendly way to clear invasive plant species, particularly in areas in which the use of machinery would be dangerous.  A diet of poison ivy, kudzu, privet, honeysuckle etc., is perfect for wethers and they tend to LOVE their job!

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