"Do Good Things"

501(c)3​ Organization

Goats 4 Goodness is a 501(c)3 organization established to increase fundraising and grant opportunities to meet our mission to "Do Good Things" for animals, people and the environment.  

"Do Good Things"

Goats 4 Goodness has one common theme in its mission - "Do Good Things".  Whether its as simple as bringing a smile to someone's face or providing needed shelter, sanctuary or medical care for another farm "friend", educating the public about the diverse nature of goats and other animals, or helping the environment, Goat 4 Goodness wants to help.  


Help Us Help Others

You can help us "Do Good Things" by funding a specific initiative or through general funds to provide for the specific needs of sanctuary animals.  

Current Funding Need

In September 2017, Maggie and some of her herd mates unexpectedly lost their caregiver and needed a home.  We were happy to assist so Maggie and her herd mates came to live with us to be part of our sanctuary family.

However, Maggie (pictured) has horns. Our facility is not designed to accommodate goats with horns. Maggie requires special accommodations and has unintentionally destroyed many fence panels throughout the farm.  Maggie would like to raise some funds to help pay for necessary repairs to those fences so she, and the other animals, can be safe in their pens.  

Can you spare a few dollars to help Maggie "Do Good Things"?  

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