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Virtual Education


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering virtual education sessions with our goats for corporations, businesses, schools, and for field trips. This is an extension of the educational aspect for Goats 4 Goodness. Topics are below or you can choose to focus on something entirely different - just let us know.

While we'd love to offer sessions at no cost, we need to be able to work and run the farm at the same time! We have priced our sessions to make them affordable but appreciate any donations. If you'd like a longer session, we are happy to accommodate, just email us at


Recommended donations are below:
25 minute sessions/$65 and 15 minute sessions/$55. All donations are tax-deductible. 

Schedule your session here.

Goats 101

You will learn basic information about goats like what they are called (buck/doe vs nanny/billy), what they eat, normal social behaviors, why some have horns and others don't, and what kind of space they require. Essentially, you'll learn that goats aren't mean, they don't live under bridges, and they don't eat tin cans!  

Dairy Goat Farming

Split Creek Farm is a Grade A Goat Dairy Farm so with this topic, you'll get a walking tour of the farm and see which goats live where and why, a tour of the milking facilities, how the milk is processed, an overview of the seasonal changes at the farm and why everything is geared towards the proper nutrition and care of the dairy goats.  

Why Goats?

Let's talk about the diverse nature of goats, why they are environmentally friendly, the dual purposes they have, how they can be companion animals and why they are used for therapy. You'll also learn about how they are often used as an eco-friendly land management alternative, hiking/pack companions, and work animals (pulling carts, plows, etc).

Meet a Goat

This is a more non-structured tour and combination of all of the above with time for Q&A. Baby goats are available in the late winter and spring. During other times of the year, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks will be offered for this education session.


Sanctuary and Cross Species Importance

We'll discuss the sanctuary animals we have on the farm like pigs, guineas, and chickens and why they are important to a farm setting – their “job” so to speak. Every animals has its own job and is important to the overall running and upkeep of the farm. 

Interested in setting up a virtual visit with Goats 4 Goodness? We're able to use Skype, Zoom, or other Internet-based video programs. 

Schedule your visit here: 

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